Eating out and Pubs

We have a pub next door- The Highdown Inn (01983 752450). Very handy! It serves good beer and food all year round.
West Wight,being geared to the needs of visitors, has many fine pubs and all of them serve food. The Red Lion (01983 754925) in Freshwater old village has won many awards.

Another pub which has made a great success of their food is the Vine Inn, a pub in the centre of Freshwater village with own parking and a busy, friendly feel (01983 752959).

In Yarmouth, On the Rocks Restaurant is new and offering such good food that it is tipped to become one of the busiest in town, you order your food and it is brought to you raw for you to cook  on a hot volcanic rock, just the way you want it cooked, excellent! (01983 760505)

Warren Farm Cream Teas, listed by The Guardian as in the  Top 10 for cream teas (

(There is a some amount of local pub knowledge available from Stoats Farm staff.)

The Red Lion Pub
Image: Jason Swain Photography

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